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Marina in Chicago !​

For my international clients, email me at [email protected] for your inquiries ! I'm setting up a chat through my site as well, keep checking back! xox Marina

I am a statuesque and passionate lady, with a vibrant, sensuous personality and lust for life that is infectious .
Not only charming, but sweet, educated, travelled, fun and easy going. I am the perfect companion for even the most discerning gentleman . 

I have always been a voracious student, immersing myself into life and the
arts .
  Tantra is a favorite pursuit of mine !
Particularly Since i am able to savor and share it's delights with you ! 
 join me in this enchanting 
think of me as your very own private erotic guide  ..

Simply stated:
At home in a pretty hugo boss cocktail dress, Louboutin pumps
or a perfectly fitted , sexy corset, thong and provocative thigh high boots (perhaps hidden under a modest trench, mmm) !
 I would love to head out with you to dine at North Pond or imbibe at Theory, wherever your heart desires ,
together we enjoy banter, flirting, teasing and so  much more   ...

Revel in your time with me
Your very own, down to earth, very exclusive, all natural, blonde goddess...

On top of that ( 
as if that's not enough )
you'll also experience and learn extraordinary tantric techniques that increase your sensitivity
, your ability to control your orgasms AND more ..

* In my very special Goddess Worship sessions, included with incredible pleasures, Experience  THE  sizzling yoni massage and the venus butterfly. ( If you desire .... )

It's true
On our  extraordinary  excursion date , 3 plus hours  )
We will be the envy of everyone around us whilst thoroughly delighting in our time together !   ~ Or savoring indoor activities exclusively.Think of it  as our own private secret..                                                             

I generally correspond via email . It works best for me, However I am Delighted to text if that is more convenient . let me know !  
Excitedly Yours, XO Marina

this is just a part of my story  ! : httpS://

You can flirt with me here at Niteflirt, finally ! My private, secure line is set up to take calls!
I can video call with friends and so much more ! I'm sorry it has taken so long !! 
Thank you for your patience !!
Let's get flirting !! xxx Marina

Read one of my interviews here  !

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